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C_TBI30_74試験番号:C_TBI30_74 トレーニング
試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.4 and SAP BI 4.1」

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C-HANAIMP151試験番号:C-HANAIMP151 ファンデーション
試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2015)」

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C-HANAIMP142試験番号:C-HANAIMP142 全真問題集
試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2014)」

>> C-HANAIMP142 全真問題集





NO.1 You are using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services as your ETL tool.
What is the next step required after you have created the DataStore and imported the metadata
from an SAP ERP system into SAP HANA?
A. Import data from the SAP ERP system into SAP HANA.
B. Create an SAP BusinessObjects Data Services job to migrate data to SAP HANA.
C. Import the metadata from SAP HANA into SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.
D. Create a connection in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services to the SAP ERP system.
Answer: C

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NO.2 What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytic privilege?
A. A view
B. A column
C. An attribute value
D. An attribute
Answer: C

SAP vce   C-HANAIMP142   C-HANAIMP142認定資格   C-HANAIMP142保証   C-HANAIMP142短期

NO.3 User A has to set up tables and views in a database schema that is owned by user B.
Which of the following privilege must you grant?
A. CREATE ANY to user A
C. CREATE ANY to user B
Answer: A

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NO.4 In SAP ERP there are more than 50,000 application tables. How do you determine the relevant
SAP ERP tables to replicate in SAP HANA and their dependencies?
A. Use SAP ERP Data Modeler (transaction SD11).
B. Use SAP ERP ABAP Dictionary Maintenance (transaction SE11).
C. Use the SAP ERP Tables and Indexes Monitor(transaction DB02).
D. Use SAP ERP Data Browser (transaction SE16).
Answer: A

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NO.5 How can you evaluate the speed of a calculation within the database? (Choose two)
A. Use the Data Preview function in the SAP HANA studio.
B. Execute a Web Intelligence report and check the duration of the previous refresh.
C. Execute an information space using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.
D. Write and execute an appropriate SQL statement.
Answer: A,D


NO.6 Which of the following are advantages of running SAP HANA Live embedded in the SAP Business
Suite? (Choose three)
A. It provides real-time replication.
B. It allows use of generic virtual data models.
C. It runs in older versions of the SAP Business Suite.
D. It uses the built-in capabilities of SAP HANA, such as the SAP HANA extended application services.
E. It provides real-time operational reporting.
Answer: B,D,E

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NO.7 You have created SAP HANA information models from replicated SAP ECC data.
How can you compare the data of the replicated tables with the underlying ECC source data? (Choose
A. Use the SAP ERP Data Browser (transaction SE16).
B. Use the Catalog node to open table contents.
C. Use transaction IUUC_REPL_CONTENT.
D. Use the Data Provisioning view from the Quick Launch.
Answer: A,B

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NO.8 When building a business layer to report on SAP HANA, what do you have to do if you want to
display more than 5,000 rows?
A. Remove all filters from the analytic views.
B. Deactivate the Limit Size of Result Set parameter in the Central Management Console.
C. Set the Array Fetch Size parameter to the maximum in the relational connection.
D. Deactivate the Limit Size of Result Set parameter in the business layer.
Answer: D

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