あなたはその他のIBM P2070-048認証試験に関するツールサイトでも見るかも知れませんが、弊社はIT業界の中で重要な地位があって、JapanCertの問題集は君に100%で合格させることと君のキャリアに変らせることだけでなく一年間中で無料でサービスを提供することもできます。


JapanCert を選択して100%の合格率を確保することができて、もし試験に失敗したら、JapanCertが全額で返金いたします。

P2070-048試験番号:P2070-048 全真模擬試験
試験科目:「IBM FileNet Image Services Administration and Support Mastery Test v1」


C2040-415試験番号:C2040-415 受験料
試験科目:「Developing OpenSocial Applications」




JapanCertはきみの貴重な時間を節約するだけでなく、 安心で順調に試験に合格するのを保証します。JapanCertは専門のIT業界での評判が高くて、あなたがインターネットでJapanCertの部分のIBM P2070-048資料を無料でダウンロードして、弊社の正確率を確認してください。弊社の商品が好きなのは弊社のたのしいです。


NO.1 Which can a gadget developer use to add or contribute additional functionality to the context
menu and the top-level menu in the IBM Notes client?
A. Actions
B. Content
C. Templates
D. URL embedded experiences
Answer: A

IBMサンプル   C2040-415   C2040-415 PDF

NO.2 What is the context property used for when embedding an OpenSocial gadget?
A. The "context" field is used to pass data from the gadget to the container.
B. The "context" field is used to pass data to the gadget so that it knows exactly which content to
C. There is no context property in an embedded experience when it is embedding an OpenSocial
D. The context properties are referenced by index for the individual user of each gadget and contain
a unique hash for individual embedded experiences.
Answer: B

IBM最新な問題集   C2040-415ガイド   C2040-415認証
Reference: https://opensocial.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OSD/Core-Gadget++Embedded+Experiences

NO.3 Maggie is fine-tuning her OpenSocial gadget to render on screen.
What type of interface is she building that involves the getCallback{) method?
A. timer MiniMessage
B. Flash movie playback
C. tabbed gadget interface
D. status update to contact list
Answer: B

IBM合格体験談   C2040-415一発合格   C2040-415

NO.4 In order for users to render an OpenSocial gadget in IBM Notes or IBM iNotes, what is required
in the Person document?
A. The User id must be stored in the Person document.
B. "Allow Foreign directory synchronization" field must be set to "Yes".
C. "Format preference for incoming mail" field must be set to "Prefers Mime".
D. "Internet Address" field must be populated with the user's Internet email address.
Answer: A

IBMソートキー   C2040-415段階   C2040-415勉強方法   C2040-415赤本   C2040-415価値

NO.5 IBM Connections portlets use the REST Service Call Builder for HTTP requests to the
Connections REST API.
When might a user see the error message "HTTP Status 403"?
A. when there is a timeout
B. when the Connections server is unavailable
C. when the proxy is not allowing access to the URL
D. when the REST Service call builder is unavailable
Answer: C

IBM試験感想   C2040-415ディレクトリ同期   C2040-415過去問   C2040-415認定   C2040-415

NO.6 What feature must an OpenSocial API Server support to be compliant?
A. the REST protocol
B. Java 1.6 and above
C. the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
D. internationalization via properties files
Answer: A

IBM対象者   C2040-415参考書   C2040-415指導

NO.7 How would this markup be corrected?
<script type="text/html">
<div style="font-size: 20px">Hello ${viewer.Name}!</div> </script>
A. There is no flaw with the markup as shown.
B. The expression should be referenced {$viewer.Name}.
C. The script type must be <script type="text/os-template">.
D. The variable viewer. Name must be tested for null prior to use in an expression.
Answer: C

IBM必要性   C2040-415書籍   C2040-415合格   C2040-415日本語版

NO.8 OAuth does not require a specific interaction pattern which makes it ideal for which reason?
A. For cases where OpenID is required and available to the consumer.
B. For cases where OpenID is not required but is available to the consumer.
C. For cases where authentication credentials are unavailable to the consumer.
D. For cases where authentication credentials are always available to the consumer.
Answer: A

IBM科目   C2040-415解答例   C2040-415キャッシュ

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