M2020-645日本語試験番号:M2020-645日本語 過去問題
試験科目:「IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v2 (M2020-645日本語版)」


C2180-275試験番号:C2180-275 過去問題
試験科目:「Blueworks Live IBM Business Process Manager Express or Standard Edition, V8.0 BPM Analysis」




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NO.1 A BPM analyst is conducting interviews with the participants of a business process. What
feedback about the process should the BPM analyst look out for that might not be obvious in an
as-is process diagram?
A. Excessive reviews
B. Too many participants
C. Identification of bottlenecks
D. Not enough system automation
Answer: C

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NO.2 A BPM analyst is documenting process problems during a discovery session. As a problem is
raised, what are the two key factors the BPM analyst needs to capture about each problem to be
able to prioritize them later?
A. The solution to the problem.
B. When the problem first occurred and how often it occurred in each milestone.
C. Severity and frequency of the problem at the process, milestone, or activity level.
D. Who is the participant when the problem occurs and what other tasks does that participant
Answer: C

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NO.3 On a project, the BPM analyst defined the following to identify the Key Performance Indicator
-The goal of the project was to improve the efficiency of the process.
-The concern was that the process was not fast enough.
-The Critical to Quality (CTQ) was the speed of the process.
-The client was interested in the cycle time of the process.
-The time stamps at the beginning and at the end of the process are captured.
Which step did the BPM analyst fail to perform in identifying the KPI?
A. Know the client objectives
B. Know how to define the client's KPI
C. Know the process decision makers
D. Know the client's Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Answer: C

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NO.4 A BPM analyst is modeling the process for acquiring membership at a club. The BPM analyst
interviewed the front office supervisor, who provided the following description of the first activity
"Enter Application": "One of our receptionists receives a paper application from a potential client,
an applicant. The receptionist first looks up the client's name and address to see if it exists in our
system, then enters the information from the paper application into the system, and assigns a
membership number to the application. When the application entry is complete, the receptionist
sends it to the manager for an initial review." The BPM analyst has created the discovery map and
now needs to enter information from the above description into the Details fields in Blueworks Live
for the activity "Enter Application". For the activity "Enter Application", who is the Supplier?
A. Manager
B. Applicant
C. Receptionist
D. Front Office Supervisor
Answer: B

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NO.5 A company that processes applications has been using IBM Business Process Manager V8.0
over the last year. The company has asked IBM to analyze its processes in production because it
wants to continue improving its processes. The IBM BPM team sends a BPM analyst. What should
the BPM analyst do?
A. Use the Discovery View in Blueworks Live to perform inspection on the process.
B. Use the Analyze feature in Blueworks Live to perform Historical and Simulation Analysis.
C. Use the Optimizer in IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 to perform Historical and Simulation
D. Use the Process Inspector in IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 to perform inspection on the
Answer: C

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NO.6 A BPM analyst is helping to identify and select the appropriate solution for process
improvement in a large BPM project. What are the business levers the BPM analyst should focus on?
A. Policy, Technology, Organization and People
B. Policy, Data, Organization and People
C. Process, Technology, Organization and People
D. Process, Data, Organization and People
Answer: C

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NO.7 A new employee just started working with a company and only received their laptop in week 4.
The BPM analyst investigated the cause:
-Equipment was not ordered until week 2
-The manager did not complete the new hire checklist.
-The manager did not know how to access the checklist.
-No one communicated to the manager how to access the checklist.
-No communication plan for the on-boarding process.
-The root cause of the initial problem was that no one communicated to the manager there was a
Which tool did the BPM analyst use in order to find out the root cause?
A. 5 Whys
B. 5 Whats
C. 5 Whens
D. 5 Whos
Answer: A

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NO.8 A BPM analyst is performing a process inventory analysis at a company that has many
processes and has gathered all required information to calculate a priority value for each process in
order to rank them. How should the BPM analyst compute this?
A. Provide a scale and weight for each activity in the process.
B. Provide a scale for each of the prioritization criterion and weigh the criteria against the processes.
C. Have the customer and the BPM analyst provide 2 different priority values independently and
calculate 1 priority value.
D. Count the number of activities in diagram and evaluate the complexity of the diagram to provide
a value and calculate a priority value.
Answer: B

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