JapanCertが提供したIBMのC2150-201トレーニング資料はあなたが自分の夢を実現することを助けられます。 JapanCertはすべてのIBMのC2150-201試験に受かるための資料に含まれていますから。JapanCertを手にすると、あなたは安心に試験の準備に身を投げられるようになります。JapanCertは高品質なトレーニング資料を提供して、あなたが試験に合格することを保証します。明るい未来を準備してあげます。

IBMのC2210-927試験はIT領域で人気がある重要な試験です。我々はIT領域の人々にショートカットを提供するために、最高のスタディガイドと最高のオンラインサービスを用意して差し上げます。JapanCertの IBMのC2210-927試験問題集は全ての試験の内容と答案に含まれています。JapanCertの模擬テストを利用したら、これはあなたがずっと全力を尽くてもらいたいもののことが分かって、しかもそれは正に試験の準備をすることを意識します。

C2210-927試験番号:C2210-927 技術試験
試験科目:「Developing Portlets and Web Applications with IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0」


C2150-201試験番号:C2150-201 模擬試験
試験科目:「Fundamentals of Applying IBM Security Systems Identity and Access Assurance」




JapanCertは専門的に IT認証試験に関する資料を提供するサイトで、100パーセントの合格率を保証できます。それもほとんどの受験生はJapanCertを選んだ理由です。JapanCertはいつまでも受験生のニーズに注目していて、できるだけ皆様のニーズを満たします。 JapanCertのIBMのC2150-201試験トレーニング資料は今までがないIT認証のトレーニング資料ですから、JapanCertを利用したら、あなたのキャリアは順調に進むことができるようになります。


NO.1 Quincy has created an Imported Page from an existing HTML form. Now he would like to add
navigation on some of its HTML elements. How does he approach this task?
A. Add HTML builders for each HTML element.
B. Add Variable builders for each HTML element.
C. Add action control builders, such as Button or Link builders for each HTML element.
D. Add an Imported Page Collection builder to use all HTML elements at once, specifying their
indirect references in the element input table.
Answer: C

IBM   C2210-927監査ツール   C2210-927番号   C2210-927   C2210-927パッケージ

NO.2 John is trying to wire two IBM Web Experience Factory portlets that reside on different IBM
WebSphere Portal pages. What option will give him the best approach?
A. Wiring of two Web Experience Factory portlets on two different pages is technically not feasible.
B. Wire the two portlets together using the shared variable builder so they can share data via
C. Use the Web Experience Factory Event Declaration and Event Handler builder with page wiring
option available within the builder.
D. Use the Cooperative Portlet Source and Cooperative Portlet Target builders with WebSphere
Portal's wiring tool.
Answer: D

IBM   C2210-927保証   C2210-927対策

NO.3 Heinrich has 35 builder calls in a model. If he wants to see the XML relevant to one specific
builder call in the model, how should he find it?
A. Right-click the builder call and select View XML.
B. Open the Model XML model view, then search for the builder call by its ID name.
C. Open the Builder Call Editor model view, and click Generate XML at the bottom.
D. Open the Model XML model view, then click the builder call in the builder call list.
Answer: D

IBM勉強方法   C2210-927   C2210-927   C2210-927   C2210-927   C2210-927

NO.4 Bob is wiring two portlets and intends to implement partial page refresh. Each of the following
is a correct approach except which one?
A. Do nothing because Smart Refresh is the default.
B. Use JavaScript.
C. Use the property broker and check the AJAX call option on the property broker for the IBM
WebSphere Portal.
D. Use the Event Declaration builder with client-side delivery and the Client Event Handler builder.
Answer: C

IBM番号   C2210-927日本語   C2210-927試験スクール   C2210-927資格問題集   C2210-927専門知識

NO.5 Which one of the following is true about the difference between the Action List builder and
the Method builder?
A. The Action List builder is recommended over the Method builder. In addition to using the chooser
to make a variable assignment or execute a service call, the Action List builder supports using the
picker to add programming constructs to the Action List, including conditionals and looping.
B. The Action List builder allows if/else conditionals, but does not support adding looping constructs
such as "for" loops and "while" loops. The Method builder allows the user to add looping logic.
C. The Method builder conveniently allows the user to drag and drop programming language
constructs from the palette, which are converted into Java code. The palette cannot be used with
the Action List builder.
D. The Method builder can return a value, but the Action List builder cannot.
Answer: B

IBM   C2210-927保証   C2210-927テスト

NO.6 Ming has created a form using a Input Form builder that has 16 fields to complete, but all are
very small. He wants to organize the fields in two columns on the page. How can he easily
accomplish this task?
A. Use a News Columns builder and enter 2 in the number of columns.
B. Edit the HTML template to form two columns with the DataEntryField element.
C. Modify the default Input Form base page to organize the fields into two columns..
D. Drop a Layout Column from the palette onto the group element in the Design view. Drag to
arrange the fields as desired.
Answer: D

IBMコマンド   C2210-927プログラム   C2210-927   C2210-927試験準備   C2210-927学校

NO.7 Page automation is a set of builders that facilitate the automatic display of data based on
metadata. What are the basic steps of page automation?
A. Receive data in a Data Page builder, examine the data, enrich the data.
B. Receive data in a Data page builder, modify the schema, apply modifiers.
C. Set up a data provider model, create a consumer model, select the highest level page automation
builder that fits the requirement, customize the generated UI to the requirements.
D. Examine received data in the context of a View and Form builder, build a presentation for the
data, document the schema.
Answer: C

IBM問題集   C2210-927   C2210-927プログラム   C2210-927参考書

NO.8 Jonathan would like to document all his service provider models at once. How can he
approach this task?
A. Add a Comment builder before each SQL call.
B. Use the Service Definition builders in each one, generating comments for each.
C. Use the WebApp Documentation builder, specifying Services as the report parameter.
D. Use the Service Documentation Builder, specifying all service models and the report type.
Answer: D

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