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試験科目:「Monetize Android Applications」


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試験科目:「Android Security Essentials」






NO.1 Dangerous Permissions can cause real harm or damage to user's Personal___________.
A. Data
B. Money
C. Device
D. All choices are correct.
Answer: D

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NO.2 Which of the following is a perfect example of a thick client?
A. Application which stores personal data on Mobile Device
B. Application which stores application settings on Mobile Device.
C. Application which stores personal data on Server only
D. Application which stores personal data in cache
Answer: A

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NO.3 Broadcast Intents is a mechanism which allows messages to be sent to
A. Various Activity
B. Various services
C. Various Intents
D. Various Applications
Answer: D

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NO.4 Normal permissions can be converted into namespace using?
A. Permission group
B. Permission tree
C. Permission
D. Import statements
Answer: B

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NO.5 Which of the following is NOT true about "restoreAnyVersion" attribute of <application> tag?
A. Its default value is "false".
B. If set to true, then user is allowed to restore any previous version of the application.
C. This is system level attribute and is used in rooted devices to restore any version of Android OS
being usedpreviously.
D. Indicates that the application is prepared to attempt a restore of any backed-up data set, even if
the backupwas stored by a newer version of the application than is currently installed on the device.
Answer: C

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NO.6 Which of the following is NOT true about the "killAfterRestore" attribute of the <application>
A. Normally, third-party applications will not need to use this attribute.
B. It means that whether the application should be terminated after its settings have been restored
during anapplication restore operation.
C. The default value is true.
D. The true value of this attribute means that the application will be terminated once its settings are
restoredduring a full-system restore
Answer: B

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NO.7 Which of the following is NOT true about logo attribute of the <application> tag?
A. It represents logo for the application as whole.
B. It also represents default logo for the activities.
C. It must be set as a reference to a drawable resource containing the image.
D. If this attribute is not found, then the default logo (e.g ic_launcher) that exists in
"drawable" folder is set aslogo.
Answer: D

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NO.8 Which of the following is NOT true about the "label" attribute of the <application> tag? (Choose
A. It should be set as a reference to a string resource.
B. It cannot be a raw string.
C. It is a user readable label for the application as a whole.
D. Its default value is same as that given to the "description" attribute.
Answer: B,D

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