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NO.1 Which are four Avaya Proof Points that can help you support why Avaya is the right company
with which to do business? (Select four.)
A. Avaya offers complete solutions for midsize businesses - built on its proven IP Office software
platform - rich unified communications, video collaboration, contact center, and more.
B. Avaya always comes in with the lowest price tag for all their contact center solutions.
C. Avaya is the market leader in customer experience management and contact center solutions, with
more than 50,000 deployments supporting 6 million agents.
D. Avaya multichannel capabilities, agent productivity tools, and end-to-end portfolio of fit for
purpose applications outperform competitors.
E. Avaya has more than 375,000 Avaya IP Office systems deployed in businesses worldwide, for more
than a decade of experience and customer feedback to guide development.
Answer: A,C,D,E

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NO.2 If a customer answers yes to the question: "Is your primary contact center need voice
communications, with multichannel capabilities desirable?" Which solution should you guide them
A. Avaya Contact Center select
B. Avaya Outbound Contact Express
C. Avaya IP Office Contact Center
Answer: C

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NO.3 Which are four midsize contact center customer pain point? (Select four.)
A. Many midsize contact centers have basic automated call distribution (ACD) and reporting - which is
no longer meeting their center's requirements
B. Many midsize contact centers have IT resources that consist of a limited staff of generalists
C. Midsize contact centers have many of the same customer experience aspirations as large
enterprises, but with far smaller budgets
D. Midsize contact centers have sophisticated contact center capabilities but lack the desire to use
them to their full potential
E. Midsize contact centers' end customers want to interact with the business through the channels
they choose
Answer: A,B,C,E

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NO.4 Which are two CXO or Business Owner Pain Points that midsize businesses face? (Select two.)
A. Multichannel contact center capabilities are now a basic requirement, along with queuing, routing,
tracking, and reporting of inbound, outbound, and blended calls.
B. Midsize businesses have many of the same customer experience aspirations as large enterprises,
but with far smaller budgets.
C. End customers want to interact with the business through the channels they choose and have a
seamless experience across multiple channels.
D. Midsize businesses find that their existing basic automated call distribution (ACD) and reporting
systems are no longer meeting their business requirements.
Answer: B,D

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NO.5 Which are three characteristics of the typical business with fewer than 2,000 Employees/30 to
250 Agents? (Select three.)
A. IT is the buyer or strong influencer
B. The business believes that contact center capabilities are essential
C. The business applies technology to address a business problem
D. The CEO/Owner is most likely the buyer
E. The business lacks technical knowledge
Answer: A,D,E

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NO.6 Which are four business attributes where you should propose Avaya Contact Center Select to a
business? (Select four.)
A. The business requires English-only support
B. The business needs blended multichannel
C. The business needs to respond or initiate social media interactions
D. The business considers the contact center as mission critical
E. The business requires feature richness
Answer: B,C,D,E

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NO.7 Which are three buying behaviors of typical midmarket customers? (Select three.)
A. The business has minimal IT support, and are risk adverse
B. The business makes de-centralized purchase decisions
C. The business' environment is complex, customized multi-vendor, highly scaled integration critical
D. The business has extensive internal IT support with outsourcing
E. The business makes centralized purchase decisions
F. The business uses limited customization, 1-2 Vendors
Answer: A,C,D

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NO.8 Which is an IP Office-based Midmarket contact center solution? (Selectone.)
A. Avaya Automated Chat
B. Avaya AuraRegister Contact Center Suite for Midsize Enterprise
C. Avaya IP Office Contact Centre'
D. Avaya Interaction Center
Answer: B

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