1z1-062試験番号:1z1-062 テスト問題集
試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration」

>> 1z1-062 テスト問題集

1z1-506試験番号:1z1-506 日本語講座
試験科目:「Oracle Fusion Financials 11g Accounts Receivable Essentials」

>> 1z1-506 日本語講座

1Z1-457試験番号:1Z1-457 模擬モード
試験科目:「Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials Beta Exam」

>> 1Z1-457 模擬モード




Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

Exam Number: 1Z0-062 / 1Z0-062

Duration: 150 minutes

Associated Certifications: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate , ORACLE MASTER Silver Oracle Database 12c (Available only in Japan)

Number of Questions: 95

Exam Product Version: Oracle Database 12c,

Passing Score: 67%

Exam Price: US$ 150

Validated Against:

This exam has been validated against Oracle Database

format: Multiple Choice


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Oracle Database Administration
Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
Oracle Database Management Tools
  • Use database management tools
Oracle Database Instance
  • Understand initialization parameter files
  • Start up and shut down an Oracle database instance
  • View the alert log and access dynamic performance views
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
Managing Database Storage Structures
Administering User Security
Managing Space
Managing Undo Data
Managing Data Concurrency
Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
Backup and Recovery Concepts
Backup and Recovery Configuration
Performing Database Backups
Performing Database Recovery
Moving Data
Performing Database Maintenance
Managing Performance
Managing Performance: SQL Tuning
  • Manage optimizer statistics
  • Use the SQL Tuning advisor
  • Use the SQL Access Advisor to tune a workload
Managing Resources Using Database Resource Manager
  • Configure the Database Resource Manager
  • Access and create resource plans
  • Monitor the Resource Manager
Automating Tasks by Using Oracle Scheduler
  • Use Oracle Scheduler to simplify management tasks
  • Use job chains to perform a series of related tasks
  • Use Scheduler jobs on remote systems
  • Use advanced Scheduler features to prioritize jobs
Installing, Upgrading and Patching the Oracle Database
Oracle Software Installation Basics
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
Installing Oracle Database Software
Creating an Oracle Database Using DBCA
Using Oracle Restart
Upgrading Oracle Database Software
Preparing to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks
Migrating Data by Using Oracle Data Pump
  • Migrate data by using Oracle Data Pump


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