NO.1 You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with the ASM storage. The database is
having big file tablespaces. You want files to open faster and less memory to be used in the
shared pool to manage the extent maps. What configuration would you effect to achieve your
objective? (Choose all that apply.)
A.Set the ASM compatibility attribute for the ASM disk group to 11.1.0.
B.Set the RDBMS compatibility attribute for the ASM disk group to 11.1.0.
C.Set the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter for the ASM instance to 11.1.0.
D.Set the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter for the database instance to 11.1.0.
Correct:A D

NO.2 You want to take the backup of the USERS tablespace. It has a single data file of 900 MB.. You
have tape drives of 300 MB each. The SBT channel is configured for the RMAN. To accomplish the
backup, you issued the following RMAN command: RMAN> BACKUP SECTION SIZE 300M
TABLESPACE users; Which two statements are true regarding the execution of the above
command? (Choose two.)
A.The backup piece size will be limited to 300 MB.
B.The operation is accomplished using the default channel available.
C.The RMAN parallelizes the backup although the parallelism is not set for a channel.
D.Three channels for the tape drive must be configured by setting the parallelism to three.
Correct:A B

NO.3 Which statements are true regarding the concept of problems and incidents in the fault
diagnosability infrastructure for Oracle Database 11g? (Choose all that apply.)
A.The problem key is the same as the incident number.
B.Every problem has a problem key, which is a text string that describes the problem.
C.The database makes an entry into the alert log file when problems and incidents occur.
D.The database sends an incident alert to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Home page.
E.Only the incident metadata and dumps are stored in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).
Correct:B C D

NO.4 View the Exhibit exhibit1 to examine the series of SQL commands. View the Exhibit exhibit2 to
examine the plans available in the SQL plan baseline. The baseline in the first row of the Exhibit is
created when OPTIMIZER_MODE was set to FIRST_ROWS. Which statement is true if the SQL
query in exhibit1 is executed again when the value of OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to FIRST_ROWS?
A.The optimizer uses a new plan because none of the plans in the exhibit2 are fixed plans.
B.The optimizer uses the plan in the second row of the exhibit2 because it is an accepted plan.
C.The optimizer uses the plan in the first row of the exhibit2 because it is the latest generated plan.
D.The optimizer uses the plan in the first row of the exhibit2 because OPTIMIZER_MODE was set to
FIRST_ROW during its creation.

NO.5 You installed Oracle Database 11g and are performing a manual upgrade of the Oracle9i
database. As a part of the upgrade process, you execute the following script: SQL>@utlu111i.sql
Which statement about the execution of this script is true?
A.It must be executed from the Oracle Database 11g environment.
B.It must be executed only after the SYSAUX tablespace has been created.
C.It must be executed from the environment of the database that is being upgraded.
D.It must be executed only after AUTOEXTEND is set to ON for all existing tablespaces.
E.It must be executed from both the Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 9i environments.

NO.6 USER_DATA is a nonencrypted tablespace that contains a set of tables with data. You want to
convert all existing data in the USER_DATA tablespace and the new data into the encrypted format.
Which methods would you use to achieve this? (Choose all that apply.)
A.Use Data Pump to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.
B.Use ALTER TABLE..MOVE to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.
C.Use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.
D.Enable row movement for each table to be encrypted and then use ALTER TABLESPACE to encrypt
the tablespace.
E.Encrypt the USER_DATA tablespace using the ALTER TABLESPACE statement so that all the data in
the tablespace is automatically encrypted.
Correct:A B C

NO.7 Which steps are mandatory to enable Direct NFS? 1. Mount all required file systems using the
kernel NFS driver. 2. Create an oranfstab file containing the attributes for each NFS server to be
accessed using Direct NFS. 3. Replace the ODM library libodm11.so_stub with libodm11.so.
A.2 and 3
B.1 and 3
C.1 and 2
D.1, 2 and 3

NO.8 Identify the two direct sources from where SQL plans can be loaded into the SQL plan baselines.
(Choose two.)
A.Cursor cache
B.Stored outline
C.SQL Tuning Set
D.Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshots
Correct:A C

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